Email Marketing

Email marketing and I are like best friends. Over the past few years, I have provided email marketing services to a variety of online businesses and high-street names.

I provide a full management service comprising of responsive newsletter design, HTML build, pre-sending checks, (ensuring the email will work cross-client and cross-browser) and detailed post-campaign analysis. Would you like a bit more information? Go on then.

Email Design

Each campaign is designed from scratch. This makes them unique to your business (in keeping with your branding) and tailors each email to the message you are sending.
My newsletters are designed responsively, increasing connectivity with mobile and tablet users.
All emails are tested across major browsers, to ensure optimal delivery.

HTML Build

Your email database is a precious thing. Up-to-date contacts and active users are vital for effective campaigns. I will work with you to help improve sign-up rates.
Then, after every campaign is sent, those who have unsubscribed or have been unable to receive the email, will be removed from your list.

Data Analysis

Post campaign analysis is vital. This allows important insights into how many of your users opened the email, engaged with the content, forwarded the email, shared it on social media and how many unsubscribed.
Further to this, all links are tracked for use with your Google Analytics account, to track online conversions and e-commerce value.

Consultation Service

You may have email campaigns already running, but feel something isn't quite working. My consultation service offers a detailed assessment of your email marketing practices, taking into account designs, construction, delivery methods and times, subject lines and list interaction.
There is no push to use any of my design services, this is simply an overlook, with documented suggestions produced on completion.

The Legal Stuff

I pride myself on sending ethical email campaigns. In my designs, I always include clear links for customers to unsubscribe. It is better for all parties to have a customer leave your list and re-subscribe at a later date, than have them submit potential SPAM complaints.
My email campaigns also comply with the guidelines set by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) for email marketing in the UK.